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May 2nd, 2019, 7:39 am

Elves have the ability to grow horns once they reach a certain age. Normal elves usually grow stubs by age 50 to 80, while people more attuned with Thaumic power may grow earlier. In cases acquired attunement or mastery of the magical arts, an elf may opt to grow horns at will. Since it is written in the elven genetic code, the process is irreversible.

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rajavlitra May 2nd, 2019, 7:39 am
"聖二白月 | xiun'nha byaknguot // sheng'er baiyue

[ɕjə:ŋ˦˨ ɲaː˧ ɓjək˧˨ ŋʉɐt˦˨] (IPA) [zhyàng nyā bjæ̀k ngwèht] (plain)

Meaning (literal):
"Holy Two White Moon" (literal); "Divinely Cleft of the Moon-Mother" (semantic)

A 'unwilled' curse (expletive-spell) made in exasperation, 聖二白月 invokes Ashazaia, She of the Serene Full Midnight, in her capacity as She Who Divides All That Must. If willed by a powerful mage, 聖二白月 may turn out deadly, using the lunar essence of Her Serenity in order to cut a person's body in half. If you are attuned with divine power, do not use this unless you have intermediate mastery of the Lunar Arts."

- Aunt Yi's Homemade Treatments and Spells for Peculiar Situations (United Northlands reprint), page 54
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