April 21st, 2019, 12:14 pm

|| Once upon a time a boy asked me to weave a tale for him. I told him no, for I tire. 'Let me pontificate in my Lord's countenance,' I said, 'for it is He which I find my strength'. And so I laid my lute down and meditated. In my deep concentration my Lord appeared before me, as a Lion-headed beast with three eyes, six arms and nine voices. In my fear I cowered and prostrated upon him, yet he kept being unhappy of me. 

'You are a fool, Bint-Tattva, for you have not expressed the Fruit of Kindness by choosing rest over giving wisdom. You bring shame upon yourself.' He said, in his angelic voice. I begged for His mercy and revealed upon me the error of my way. In His forgiveness he gave me a Song, in which a new story may be weft. In inspiration and holy ecstasy I weft a great tapestry from this melody, and the thoughts that run through it bore colors of great magnitude.

I awoke, soon after, the boy still standing, and from there I took once more my lute, and began to play: 'hear me, O young man, for I shall tell you how the world of the great ocean almost perished under the darkness.'|| 

Bint-Tattva, utmost devotee of the Lord Mahakadesh

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